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How to read a pulse oximeter for diagnostic purposes

Reading a pulse oximeter is a critical step in the overall health and well being of an individual. There are many health conditions out there that require the use of this device. Such conditions range from respiratory to cardiac problems. Each one of these conditions has its own specific requirements as far as which of the vital signs need to be measured. For respiratory conditions the most important vital sign to measure is in fact the blood oxygen saturation or the SpO2 levels. This refers to the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood. To read the device you simply have to place your finger inside the device.
 Within seconds you will get a oximeter reading of your pulse rate and the oxygen levels. The oxygen levels will be presented in a percentage as this number represents the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood. The pulse rate will be represented by a simply a number that in actuality represents the beats per minute of your pulse. With some other oximeter devices by pushing a certain button you will also get to see the perfusion index which represents the strength of the heart beat. This number has specific importance for those with cardiac problems. They can get their readings and then consult their physician in order to determine whether they are functioning and optimal healthy levels or whether they need to get further medical treatment. This pulse oximeter truly gives those individuals with cardiac problems an easy way to check their pulse rate and heart health.
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