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What actually causes the pulse rate to fluctuate
The human body is a very complex system and the cardiac system is actually even more complex. The significance and importance of the cardiac system to the body is key for human survival. The center piece of all of this system is actually the pulse rate. This rate is the measurement of the changes in volume of blood as it moves through the body. It is probably the most basic and important vital sign that is critical to monitoring the health of individuals. If you have ever gone to the hospital or any health care facility you will notice that first of all they will monitor your pulse rate and actually take your pulse. This will give them a notion of your health and whether you are at a healthy level and pulse for your age. The determination of a healthy pulse really depends on sever factors and age being one of the most important factors. Thus depending on your age the pulse rate will change significantly. As the fluctuation of the pulse rate is due to the flow of blood through the arteries a medical device that is made for monitoring this is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that is really the right hand tool of all health care physicians and clinicians who want an accurate reading of the individual’s pulse rate and are needing a device that is also extremely portable that can be taken with them as they please. The oximeter has its roots in the clinical setting but it is now used in the home setting as well as by athletes to monitor the pulse rate. More advanced models actually have a feature known as the perfusion index which in essence measures the strength of the heart beat of the individual.
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