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Senior citizen care with the use of a pulse oximeter in the home
Senior citizens are truly ones that we need to appreciate and care for. Their contribution to our society has been great and in order to give back to them we need to care for them. Senior citizens live with many health conditions including respiratory and cardiac conditions. As a result, they are in need of a medical and health device that will be able to measure their pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation with accuracy and ease. This device is a pulse oximeter and its use is in the tens of millions around the world. A pulse oximeter is primarily used to measure the vital signs but it is essentially a health mate that can be taken anywhere that the senior desires to go. So lets say for example that the individual wants to go on vacation but they have a case of asthma or COPD. As a result, they need to keep track of their respiratory condition with the use of the device. By using a pulse oximeter the person can monitor closely their oxygen saturation levels and as a result keep a close eye on their health. The device comes with a set of batteries which allows for mobile and portable operation. It is just a fraction of the size of a cell phone which means that the moving of it is very simple and there is no longer any concern that there will be wires or cables to worry about. The other important feature it has which in particular is helpful for the elderly is that the screen is very easy to ready because it is a digital LED screen. By being a digital LED screen the elder individuals can see it easily in different lighting situations and as a result they can have better monitoring of their health.
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