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Pulse Oximeter for University Research and Hospital Use

Universities serve a very important function in our society. Not only are they are place of learning but also many times universities have hospitals or health clinics that also offer many different types of health and medical services. The typical university hospital is very much similar to a standard private or public established hospital. They are just as equipped with not only the biomedical technology but also with the qualified health care professionals to provide the best health care to individual patients. One medical device that has started to become quite useful in the university setting is the pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that measures pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation with accuracy and speed. Blood oxygen saturation refers to what professionals better know as SpO2. SpO2 is the percentage of oxygen in the hemoglobin or the blood. This number is very significant to those individuals who have varying health conditions that require careful and close monitoring of their SpO2 levels. The pulse oximeter is specifically made to utilize the latest in infrared technology in order to get the measurements of SpO2 for not only health care professionals but also regular home consumers. Other functions that a pulse oximeter provides is perfusion index capabilities. Perfusion index is a special number that refers to the relative strength of a heart beat or pulse. Again, for different people with varying health conditions the monitoring of this perfusion index number is critical to healthy functioning.

University settings have particularly utilized the portable pulse oximeter devices that have as of recent hit the medical device market. With the advent of new portable chip technology the old oximeter devices that were found in most hospitals and clinics has now been transformed into a portable medical device that is only a fraction of the size of a cell phone. What makes the ability of the pulse oximeter to be portable is the fact that it can be taken wherever the university health care individuals desire to go. For example, if there are on staff physicians who go from patient room to patient room in order to diagnose different patients, they can simply take the oximeter device with them and easily check the vital signs of patients. This is very beneficial to the physician because he doesn

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