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A Pulse oximeter is a medical device that is used to measure pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation of an individual. Blood oxygen saturation is also denoted as Spo2 by medical professionals and is very important in the health care field. Many individuals have their own medical conditions or issue that require the measurement of their Spo2 levels. These health conditions vary greatly but the common denominator is that they need to constant monitor the blood oxygen saturation levels to ensure that they are at their normal healthy levels. The way an oximeters is very interesting. The device utilizes infrared light that travels through the human skin. The light that bounces back to the device allow the internal computer of the oximeter to produce a specific percentage number. This percentage in actuality is the percentage of oxygen in the hemoglobin which in essence is what blood oxygen saturation is. The tissues throughout your body, and in particular the fingers where a typical oximeter is used to measure the Spo2 levels fluctuate in the amount of hemoglobin or blood that flows through the tissues. The device is able to utilize the infrared light in order to measure the difference in this blood-flow in the tissue to determine your pulse rate. The heart works in a pulsating nature and as such the oximeter is able to measure the differences in the blood flow in a specific tissue like the finger for example to produce the pulse rate and Spo2 numbers.

Why is there so much hype about a portable pulse oximeter device? Well historically, pulse oximeter technology was limited to the hospital and clinical settings. The machines were these large, heavy, immobile devices that were required for each patient room for vital sign monitoring. The problem this poses is the fact that well the individuals at home also need to constantly monitor their vital signs to ensure that they are functioning in optimal, healthy levels. With the advent of an oximeter device that can be portable and thus provide the individual with the ability to monitor their health at home has been quite a innovation and relief for many. So the typical process is very simple. The individual purchases a pulse oximeter and goes home. While at home they monitor their pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation to ensure and if there is any issue with the number then the patient simply calls their physician, shares the results with them and get their professional diagnosis as to whether something needs to be done. What is specially important and useful function of an oximeter that it comes with an alarm function that will alert individuals when their SpO2 levels fall below an unhealthy level. This is great because the individual will hear an alarm and quickly be alerted to the fact that their levels are not at normal levels and that they should consult their physician to determine what need to be done. It is very important to monitor your health with the use of a pulse oximeter technology.

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