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Walking is widely considered one of the best and most effective exercises that a person can engage in. Walking allows individuals to raise their heart rate in order to achieve a good exercise level while at the same time not engaging in any type of physical activity that may characterized as intense or that may cause some sort of injury. The elderly in particular not only enjoy walking on a daily basis but it is also recommended that they walk on a daily basis. It is typically recommended for the elderly to walk on a daily basis because like mentioned before it is a physical activity that not only is good for you but is not intensive whereby it would cause any type of serious injury. While the individual is walking it is important to monitor your health in order to determine whether you are functioning at optimal levels. The monitoring that I am referring to is in regards to pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). The pulse rate is due to the fact that blood flows in and out of the tissues in the human body and different rates. This rate is what contributes to the level of pulse rate. When the blood-flow is more intense and moves in and out of the tissues faster the pulse rate thus will be faster. On the other hand, blood oxygen saturation is the percentage of oxygen in the hemoglobin. In other words, its the oxygen level of an individual in their blood. Both of these vital signs are very important to monitor why walking due to the fact that during walking exercises both the pulse rate and the SpO2 levels are affected and thus a portable device is necessary in order to utilize to measure these vital signs. One such device is a pulse oximeter.

A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that measures pulse rate and SpO2 levels with accuracy and speed. The process is very simple. You simply place your finger inside the portable pulse oximeter device and within seconds the oximeter will give you a reading of your pulse rata and SpO2 levels. The device is a fraction of the size of the smallest cell phone on the market and easily can fit in the person

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