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Pulse oximeter for home use made easy with new chip technology
 It has long been the desire and the need of individuals with various health conditions to have a pulse oximeter device that they can use in the home setting. A pulse oximeter is a health and medical device that is used by millions of individuals throughout the world to measure their vital signs. The device works in a very simple way in that you simply place your finger inside the product and then within seconds you have a reading of your pulse rate as well as you blood oxygen saturation. This reading is the essentially building block to monitoring your health as they are two of the most important vital signs. For years this technology was only available in the hospital setting but was in quite a different form. The size was comparable to the size of a typical microwave oven and could not be easily taken from one location to another without much effort and thus could not be used for home use. However, today’s pulse oximeter devices are completely portable and can be taken anywhere that the individual desires to go. Through the advancement of technology the device has not only become significantly smaller but it has also become much less expensive. Modern devices can be found for less than $40 and still have the same amount of accuracy and dependability as the previous generations. The most important aspect however is that for the first time individuals can use the product in their homes because it is so small and portable. Actually, the device is so small that it can actually fit within one’s pocket and you can take it wherever you like. Then when the need arises you simply take it out and measure your vital signs in order to ensure that you are functioning at health levels.
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