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Nurses find convenience of use with modern pulse oximeter devices
Being a nurse means that you are absolutely and integral part of the health care system. Your ability to quickly and effectively respond to patients really can mean the difference between life and death. One of the things that nurses have always needed was portable vital sign monitoring devices. A pulse oximeter is the premiere vital sign monitoring device on the market. Its roots go back to decades ago and its form right now is a bulky and large device that you would find next to hospital bed. The issue was that the nurses wanted a pulse oximeter that they could just put in their pocket or around their neck via a lanyard and take with them from one patient room to another. Then technological advancements came about that do in fact offer this function for these health care professionals. Today‚Äôs pulse oximeter devices are completely portable and mobile. In addition, their size is only a fraction of the size of a typical cell phone or other small mobile computing device. Although it is much smaller than what the health care professionals are used to their capability and effectiveness has remained unaffected. So essentially what happens is that you can put the device around your neck via lanyard and move seamlessly from one patient room to another and quickly measure the pulse rate and oxygen levels of patients. The durability factor is also key because the way that the device is designed allows it to withstand the drops that occur quite frequently in the fast-paced hospital setting. The cost has also become significantly less and modern devices are actually below $40. This means that in no way will your budget be strained due to the cost of the product and you can have the power of monitoring right in your hands wherever you desire go.
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