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NFL Players and their use of a pulse oximeter on the sidelines
The NFL is one of the most demanding physical sports in the world. It truly takes a great deal of training and endurance to be able to participate in what we call today the modern gladiators. One of the most important things that football players need to keep track of is their pulse rate as a well as oxygen levels. There have been many players over the past few years that have suffered serious health problems due to the fact that they overextended their bodies. The main reason for this is that they did not monitor their vital signs in order to determine whether they are getting close to dangerous levels. One very simple and easy way to prevent such health concerns is through the use of a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is actually perfectly suited for those players that are seeking to monitor their pulse rate and oxygen levels in the NFL. The way that it works is like so. When the player returns back to the sidelines what they will do is that they will place their finger inside the pulse oximeter and then within seconds they will be able to get a quick and accurate reading of their vital signs. If for any reason their vitals are not within health ranges then the device will begin to sound and alarm that will alert the individuals to take necessary action in order to prevent any serious health concern. There is in the works also wireless systems that in essence will allow the readings to be wirelessly submitted to the team’s medical team computer system for monitoring. If there is any sign of abnormal readings then at that point the system will be able to decipher that and to make any necessary changes. The ability to monitor the health of players is absolutely crucial because the sport of football has become far more competitive and intense than it was years ago. Although the NFL has utilized the pulse oximeter for its athletes there are also many other sports that are beginning to take notice of this remarkable medical device that has proved to be so helpful. Being small and portable means that it can be taken anywhere the person desires to go while at the same time providing all the functionality and usefulness of any major device in the hospital setting that individuals are typically used to seeing.
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