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NATO and its use of medical devices in possible intervention in Libya
NATO is one of the most important security forces throughout the entire world. Through their efforts not only have oppressed countries been freed but also so many individuals have been helped medically during times of crisis. One of the key goals of the security force is not only to complete their military objectives but also to provide medical supplies and aid to those in need. One of the medical devices that have historically been used by them during combat missions has been a device called a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a small device that is used by medical personnel during combat missions in order to provide fast and accurate vital sign monitoring. The two major vital signs that it measures is the pulse rate and the oxygen levels in the blood. These two are essentially the most important and the ability to measure them while in hostile situations while on the go is essential. A few years ago when NATO was playing a major part in the conflicts in the Balkans the military had commissioned the use of hundreds of different health supplies and devices including a pulse oximeter. The reason for their usefulness is the fact that you can easily take it with you wherever you go as they are very small in size and weight. As opposed to their hospital counterparts where they are very much stationary and can not be moved, the modern varieties are completely portable and strive in almost any environmental condition. As NATO considers to possibly intervene in Libya there will likely follow a influx of orders that will be received for this device as it is very useful in the field and truly can mean the difference between life or death for their ability to accurately and quickly deliver the results that are so much needed by personnel in the battlefield. The ability to quickly respond to emergency situations in the field has been the number one priority for all military installations. The greatest aspect of the advancement of technology is the fact that devices have begun to become significantly smaller in size and weight. This is mostly due to advancement in chip technology which allows manufacturers to create small devices that can be easily taken from one place to another. The future is likely to hold more advancement and to incorporate for military personnel Bluetooth technology that in essence will link to the home medical base whereby they can see the exact vital signs of the soldiers.
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