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Japan nuclear meltdown and monitoring the health of victims
The nuclear meltdown in Japan is aiming to be one of the worst catastrophes of our time similar to the Chernobyl accident of many years back. The cause of this crisis actually began due to an earthquake of unparalleled magnitude that struck certain parts of the country. The unfortunate thing is that the nuclear power plant is actually located right next to the ocean and as a result it suffered a great deal of damage as a result of the quake. There has been an increasing level of radiation in the surrounding areas and although many in the proximity of the site have been evacuated there does exist the risk that the radiation will permeate into other regions throughout the country. The problem that the health care professionals and government officials face in Japan is that they do not know how to keep tabs on the health of the population in the wake of this unprecedented disaster. The initial acts have been to actually start distributing pulse oximeter devices to the vast majority of the population so that they can monitor their health in their homes in order to keep track of their vital signs during these important times. The positive aspect of distributing pulse oximeter devices to the population is because there really is not enough staff or hospitals that can keep track of and monitor the health of millions of individuals. As a result, it is quite a blessing to be able to have the people monitor their health by simply using the pulse oximeter device on a daily basis. The device will be able to measure the pulse rate as well as the oxygen levels of the individual and should their levels fall to an abnormal mark then the device will sound an alarm at which point they must seek medical attention. The ability to monitor and prevent potential health problems is absolutely key in the country right now. Because it is so easy to use and actually quite economical from a government budget standpoint it is being sent to so many homes to use. Although there will eventually be brought some closure to this issue and problem that is facing the country in the mean time it is very important to monitor the people’s health so as to take preventative measures from more serious health concerns which may occur if proper supervision and monitoring is the done earlier on.
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