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Apple iPad destined to become the premiere health monitoring device
It is the most common trend in the health device field to see that devices are becoming more mobile and portable. This in turn has made treatment of patients much more effective and has led to companies even wanting to innovate further in order to take advantage of technological advancements in portable computing. The most promising computing product that is being used for health monitoring is the Applie iPad. Since its introduction into the world of technology the Apple iPad has truly changed the entire landscape. In the past individuals had to rely on small PDA’s or even laptops if they needed to use their computers on the go. However, what the Ipad has done is that it in fact has combined the power of a laptop with the ease of mobility of a PDA. So essentially what happens is that the physician takes the device with them wherever they go either in the hospital setting or the office setting and is able to treat patients. They have access to all the patient’s health data and in addition to that they can even use functionality such as a pulse oximeter to monitor the vital signs of the individual. If you have ever been in a hospital bed for any reason you would probably remember being hooked up to a machine the size of a computer screen where a wire then connected to your index finger. Well that device is called a pulse oximeter and is extremely important in monitoring your vital signs. It is used to measure the pulse rate as well as the oxygen levels of individuals and if the levels get out of normal range then the health care professional will be alerted to this and then can take necessary action. Well what has happened now is that the functionality of a pulse oximeter has been incorporated into the Apple iPad. So there is no more need that the health care professional solely depend on a large, bulky device in the hospital setting to get their patient’s pulse rate and oxygen levels. Now, they can simply go from one patient room to another and get all the health information they need by simply using their device. The most powerful aspect is that it actually automatically connects to the doctor’s central data computer which will then record and store the individual’s information for future referencing and diagnosing at the touch of a button.
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