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iPhone shows promising signs of incorporating pulse oximeter technology for physicians
Doctors have long been in search of a pulse oximeter device that they could take with them wherever that they go that would offer vital sign monitoring. The new trend in medical technology seems to be portable and wireless devices that can perform multiple functions. Developers are working to create new applications for the new generation of iPhone devices that would use the pulse oximeter technology in order to measure vital signs of patients. Current devices are typically used to measure the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation of individuals in order to gauge their health. The way that it would work with the new iPhone is that a attachable probe would go from the phone to the person’s finger and then within seconds there would be a reading on the device. The benefit of this is mostly convenience and the ability to take the device wherever the physician wants to go. What the doctor can also do is incorporate the portable patient data system with the pulse oximeter so that the readings are automatically recorded in that particular patient’s records for future reference. Portability is key for health care professionals because they are always on the go and need products that can be easily transported from one location to another with much effort and hassle. This was not true of pulse oximeter devices in the past whereby they were very large and could not be moved easily. They tended to stay in one location and thus there was one required for every patient room. With today’s devices they are completely portable and wireless whereby taking them from one location to another is a breeze. This allows the health care professional to move seamlessly through patient rooms while helping those in need of medical help in a quick and efficient manner.
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