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Why would I need to monitor my pulse rate with a pulse oximeter when running
 Individual run for different purposes and the one thing that is a common thread among them is the fact that running is an extremely enjoyable thing to them. One of the things that sets running apart from other forms of exercise is the fact that it has a huge impact on the actual functioning of the heart and the cardiovascular system. When you begin to run you are essentially elevating your body’s heart system into a whole new realm. Your heart need’s to work extra hard in order to get enough oxygen-rich blood to your different tissues and muscles systems throughout your body in order for your whole system to function. Well the issue comes when one exercises to intensively and does not actually realize that they are doing harm to themselves. A great way to monitor this would be to use a pulse oximeter as an aide. A pulse oximeter is a health device that is used by many runners today in order to monitor their health. The device works very well for these individuals because it is in a sense a travel-mate that truly gives them a piece of mind as to whether they are functioning at normal levels. So how does it work? Essentially the runner just places their finger inside the pulse oximeter and within seconds they get a complete reading of their pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation without ever having to be hooked up to some large machine. Once they get that reading from the device they can determine if they are actually functioning at normal levels and thus they can continue the rate of their exercise. The most important aspect of the device is that it is completely portable and can be taken anywhere the person wants to go. So if you are running in the mountains or by the beach it does not matter as you have our pulse oximeter in your hand to help you whenever you need it.
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