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What is the right age to be purchasing a pulse oximeter for home monitoring
This question always comes up as to when is it the right age to actually purchase a pulse oximeter. It has actually baffled parents for years to determine when is it the right age to buy this product. A good place to start is to actually discuss what a pulse oximeter device is and what it does. Essentially it is a medical and health device that is used by individuals with varying health conditions and even by those that do not have any health conditions to measure their pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. The reason why someone would actually purchase this device is because they would be needed or wanting to monitor their pulse rate and oxygen levels in order to make sure that the are functioning at optimal health. The reason why this is so important is because these two vital signs are the foundation of good health and need to be monitored to ensure optimal functioning. Now back to the question as to when is it a really a good time to utilize a pulse oximeter. The answer to this question is actually there is no true age to use one. There are a wide variety of different models that fit different ages. For example, if you need it to monitor your neonates vital signs then you would turn to varieties of the medical device that are specifically made for neonates. They are made in this way because the device actually needs to be connected to the finger of the individual in order to get a reading and as such the ones for neonates are made particularly small and portable in order to fit their small fingers. This will ensure accurate readings by the device. Then on the other side of the spectrum there is no age limit as far as when are you too old to use it as in actuality you are never too old to utilize the device to monitor your health.
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