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What is the most accurate way of measuring a pulse rate?
The human pulse rate is the most basic and important vital sign in the body. Many take it for granted but the pulse plays such an important role in the health of an individual. Every time the heart beats what essentially happens is that oxygen rich blood is supplied throughout the entire body which will then in turn support the life of the cells. With some health conditions there is the improper functioning of the heartbeat and as a result the body does not get enough oxygen rich blood which sustains life. The question always comes up as to what is the most accurate way of measuring the rate. Well, for many years the most basic method of measuring this vital sign was to actually either directly listen to the heart using a stethoscope or to place your fingers on the wrist and measure the number of beats in one minute. Although this is still a valid and frequently used method it does open room for error in that the person can miscount a beat or not even do it properly and thus resulting in irregular readings. As a result, many health care professionals recommend using a pulse oximeter which will accurately measure the rate and even provide other important functions as well. In essence what a pulse oximeter does is that it uses infrared light which travels through the skin. This light is able to help calculate with precision and accuracy the heart beat of the individual. One of the areas where it is very important to monitor the pulse is actually with the use of various medications. Medication is prescribed for so many health conditions and is a very viable method of treating patients. However, there do exist side effects to these medications and some of the most common side effects is actually an irregular heart rate. As a result, physicians generally recommend that the individual patient actually use a pulse oximeter throughout the day while they are using new prescriptions prescribed to them so that they can keep a close eye on their vitals. If for any reasons the levels fall to something this is abnormal the device will actually sound an alarm and then the patient can call their doctor for further professional diagnosis and treatment. The heart rate is the most basic element to life and for many health conditions and in conjunction with medications it is necessary to monitor on a consistent and accurate basis.
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