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What is a pulse oximeter case made of to ensure durability
The number one benefit that many individuals seem to rave about when it comes to a pulse oximeter is actually the mobility of the device. However, this mobility is also important to have the durability accompany it as well. As you take the device everywhere you may run into situations where you actually drop the product by accident. Well it is important that the pulse oximeter device be durable in the sense that it can withstand that drop. The way that manufacturers dealt with this was that they began to use specialized plastics as the exterior shell of the device in order to provide that durability that was needed. You may be asking why is it so important that the device be protected when it is accidently dropped. Well the answer to this question lies in the fact that the pulse oximeter essentially is a computer and to drop it would cause so many internal components to malfunction that can then cause the readings to suffer. Imagine that you are traveling to your favor destination in the world and you have been looking forward to this trip for so long. Well, what happens is that when you go on this vacation you really do no know what obstacles you will face but you know that for sure you need to monitor you health as you. There are many individuals with so many different health conditions in the world that require them to have a close eye on their body’s vital signs as they travel. This can range from anything like cardiac issues to respiratory issues. One of the most common is actually asthma which is something that if you live with the condition you know that it is very important to keep an eye on your SpO2 levels in order to prevent an asthma attack. Well having a pulse oximeter that is sturdy and able to withstand drops is key to enable the person to not worry about damaging their device when they are on the go.
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