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Vital sign monitoring on the go with the use of a pulse oximeter
 It doesn’t matter what your health condition is but the ability to monitor your vital signs is absolutely key for living a healthy life. Two of the most important vital signs that need to be monitored is the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation. The reason why these are two of the most important because they are the leading indicators that your body is functioning properly in that the heart is working properly and your body is getting enough oxygen. Oxygen is the most basic element to human life and without it tissues begin to die. Thus, it is of the utmost importance that enough oxygen be taken in by the individual as it is the key to sustaining life. The best way to actually do this is to use a pulse oximeter . A pulse oximeter is a health and medical device that is used by millions of individuals around the world to measure their vital signs. The greatest benefit of using a pulse oximeter is the fact that it is very small and completely portable. In the past, the devices were only limited to staying in one place due to their size and were quite expensive. You would really only find them in the hospital setting where it could actually be afforded by the budgets of those health care institutions. However, with the advancement of technology the modern devices are far smaller and less expensive that what you would find the typical hospital setting. The modern pulse oximeter devices are so small that they fit inside your pocket and can be taken anywhere that you desire to go. So if you are living with asthma and want to take a great trip to a favorite destination then nothing really stops you because you are able to simply take your product with you and whenever you feel the need to monitor your signs you place your finger inside.
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