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Three easy steps to using your pulse oximeter device
To use a pulse oximeter is one of the easiest things that you will ever do. Medical devices have long been considered very complicated and difficult to use. However, today most devices are very user-friendly and are made specifically with the home consumer in mind. A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that serves a very important function for those individuals who are seeking to measure their pulse rate and oxygen saturation. Say for example that you have asthma and as a part of your treatment your physician has recommended that you monitor your pulse rate and oxygen levels with this device. Well essentially what you need to do is very simple. Take the device and make sure that it has the batteries inside of it. Ensure that the batteries are new and that they are fully charged. Once you have verified the batteries are fully charged then what you need to do is insert your finger inside the device. Once your finger is inserted inside device then your next step is to wait just a few seconds and then your readings will show up. Now, what light you actually view the readings may have an impact on your use of the product. Typically, try being in a nicely lit area so that you can easily read the screen. Once you finger is inside the device then you are done. The process is very simple and any consumer can actually do it. One of the things that may cause you to have abnormal readings is nail polish and the reason for that is that the infrared light gets blocked by the polish and as such your numbers turn out to be slightly off normal. The best practice would be to make sure that you are not wearing any polish when you actually will be using the product.
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