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The journey through the world of technology and devices are getting smaller
 If you remember a long time ago the computer devices that were able to be purchased by you from the store were significantly larger and more massive in size than the current versions that you find. The main reason for this is the actual fact that these devices lacked the chip innovation that we have today to allow them to be built smaller. Microchips are one of the most important components of any electronic device. They in essence are the brains of the computer and without them the device would actually not function. In the past, the microchip technology was limited in actual ability to process data and as such larger and more physical microchips were needed inside the computer in order to provide the same amount of performance. This was especially true in the field of medical device technology as the chips truly play such a key role in their computing of health and vital sign statistics and calculations. One of the most impressive changes in the chip technology that has hit the market is the pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a true innovation in the field of medical device technology at it truly is a portable wonder. You can measure your pulse rate as well as oxygen saturation in your blood as you are either hiking in the mountains in Nepal or even hiking through the Sahara in Africa. The device is extremely portable but was not like this before. It used to be this computer sized device that was pretty much just found in the hospital and clinical areas and was definitely not something that you and I would consider to be portable. Then the chip technology advanced and everything changed. The smaller microchips was the key in allowing the manufacturers to make these products smaller and more portable. This is the trend in the medical device technology realm and will continue to get smaller.
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