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Talks of an I-phone application that will function as a pulse oximeter
There is quite a lot of talk of an i-Phone application that will in essence function as a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is quite useful for a wide ranging set of health conditions including cardiac and respiratory conditions. Essentially you simply place your finger inside the device and within seconds you get a reading of your pulse rate and oxygen levels. This reading is very important for those individuals who live with these different health conditions because they make health decisions based on that. Developers of i-Phone applications have been in talks for a long time to actually develop a program that would work like this and in essence it seems that they are not that far away from launching such a program. The program would be a true help to those individuals who need constant monitoring of their health. The new i-Phone program would be able to give the individual an instant reading of their pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation so that they can take further health actions and remedies if needed. The area where there is some speculation is how the phone will be able to actually take the measurements. The current devices take measurement via an infrared light that passes through the skin without you even feeling a thing and comes back with a reading of the actual levels. The idea may be that the phone may be equipped with an infrared light that would be able to do just this and thus give back the readings to the individual who has the phone with them. This will be truly revolutionary and very convenient for those individuals in need of the vital sign monitoring. Physicians can also benefit greatly because they also can use the device in order to monitor the health of their patients seamlessly and wirelessly.
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