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Talks of a wireless pulse oximeter device that uses Bluetooth technology
 Bluetooth seems to be such a hot topic in the technology realm due to its applications in wireless devices including cellphones. Well, now there seems to be another device that may become Bluetooth capable very soon. That device is actually a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a very standard health and medical product that has gone through several transformations through the various years. This in fact is due to the advancement in chip technology that has allowed the device to become smaller and more effective because now individuals with various health conditions can take the device with them wherever that they want to go. Also, the portability factor has played a great role for athletes as they can monitor their pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation when they are exercising to fully optimize their body’s health. It really acts as a travel mate that can give you instant access to your vital signs to determine if you are functioning at optimal health or if further action nees to be taken. The way that Bluetooth technology will be incorporated into a pulse oximeter is that what essentially will happen is that you purchase the device and measure your vital signs wherever you go. So lets say for example you are on a trip in Europe and you just happen to have your device with you. All you do is that you place your finger inside the medical product and then that transmits the data and the readings to your physician’s computer in his office. Your physician will then be able to determine based on those readings whether you are at normal levels as far as your pulse rate and oxygen levels or whether there is cause for concern and something needs to be done to bring you back to health.
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