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Taking a stance against COPD with a pulse oximeter
Have you ever heard of the condition known as COPD. You may have or you may have not, but at the minimum you should know what it is as it affects so many individuals. COPD stands for Chronic Obstrutive Pulmonary Disorder. The conditions is very critical and is typically a lung disorder that needs to be monitored quite closely. In fact the condition actually limits the amount of oxygen that can be taken into the lungs and as such it is critically important that the oxygen levels of these individuals who live with this condition be monitored closely. The condition also seems to be on the rise and although there is medication to help control the health condition there really is no absolute cure. Because there does not exist an exist cure to the condition the individuals living with this condition pay very close attention to their oxygen levels in order to maintain their health. How do they pay close attention to their oxygen levels you may ask? Well the process is rather simple. They use a medical and health device known as a pulse oximeter . This device is very useful in the COPD arena in that it accurately and effectively measures the patient’s oxygen levels and pulse rate accurately and quickly in order to give the patient an indication as to their true oxygen levels. The device is very helpful because it actually is completely portable. It was really not like this before as the hospitals had them but they were very large and bulky and couldn’t be taken anywhere that the individual wanted to go. But the new generation of these models have changed the way that individuals can monitor their health. The new generation of these models are very portable and give the power of monitoring oxygen levels to the individual patients.
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