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Shoveling snow and the risks of having a heart attack
 If you are one of the millions of individuals that actually lives in locations that are frequented by snow then you know how difficult and frustrating it is dealing with massive snow fall. Although it is quite nice and enjoyable when you are at home in the comfort of your bed, but if you have to travel outside then you need to clear your own snow. Many individuals turn to getting their own shovels and begin shoveling the snow. However, one of the major things that they overlook is the fact that when you are shoveling the snow then what this does in effect is that it places quite a lot of strain on the heart. The problem is that when there is placed a lot of pressure on the hear then you may risk having a heart attack. One of the ways to prevent this is to use a pulse oximeter to closely monitor your pulse rate. What essentially happens is that the individual seeking to engage in the intense physical activity will also take with them their portable pulse oximeter. The device is quite small and portable and by simply placing your finger inside the product you will be able to quickly and accurately get your pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation levels. These two vital signs are absolutely key to monitoring your health in order to ensure that you are not operating at abnormal levels. If for whatever reason you are actually operating at abnormal levels then what happens is that the pulse oximeter will begin to sound an alarm that will alert you to the fact that you need to take a rest or even in extreme situations need to actually seek medical help. What makes this health condition particularly difficult is the fact that it is highly underestimated by so may individuals each season that it snows. Many do not even think twice about the amount of physical exertion that occurs when doing such a simple task as shoveling the snow. The most important thing to remember is that one has to have a very close eye on their body in order to determine its response to the physical activity. At that point can they truly judge whether they are functioning at normal levels. Thousands of Americans die each year during the snowy winter months and many could have been prevented with the use of a pulse oximeter.
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