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Running with the ability to measure the oxygen levels with a pulse oximeter
One of the key vital signs that many runners desire to measure when they are engaged in their sport is the oxygen saturation in the blood. This is also known as Spo2 in the medical community and it is extremely important to monitor in order to make sure that there is enough oxygen flowing through the body while they are exercising. The reason why they were not able to do this in the past was because there existed no health device that would be portable enough to go with the runners. However, through technological advancement there is now technology in the form of a pulse oximeter device that will in essence not only provide the vital sign monitoring but in addition to that it is completely portable. The pulse oximeter device has its roots in the medical community but now through years of more advanced technology it has found its place in the home setting as well. What the runner will essentially do is that they simply place their finger inside the pulse oximeter as they are running. Once the finger is inserted inside the device the product will begin to automatically measure the pulse rate and SpO2 levels within seconds. The great thing about the process is the fact that the readings are on a continuous basis. This means that you can get readings continuously as long as you have the device on. Being very small and portable allows the athlete to truly utilize the great features of this product while on the go. In addition to its functional capabilities the product is also very durable in order to withstand the active lifestyle of the runners who use them. Pulse oximeter devices come with a hard shell which gives them the protection to withstand movement as well as drops by runners.
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