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Rechargeable batteries take their first use in a pulse oximeter
Batteries are truly the main component of portable computing that has allowed for medical devices to become so portable. Essentially the reason for this is that portability is a major factor that many individuals crave in the medical device field. We are a people always on the go and we like to go wherever we want at whatever time we want. The only way to do this is to have devices that are completely portable that can allow you to monitor your health on the go like a pulse oximeter. Well, disposable batteries were able to help in this regard in that they allowed for the devices to become completely mobile and you had no worry as to whether you really needed wires or any other types of cables. The problem was that the second that they ran out of the power you had to dispose of them in the trash. This proved to be an environmentally unfriendly act and there needed to be an innovation that would help with this. Well what happened next was that the use of rechargeable batteries began to be incorporated in the pulse oximeter device. This had two very important effects on the actually dynamics of using the device. First, it was much more environmentally friendly than the disposable varieties. Essentially you didn’t have to throw it away everytime that it ran out. This mean that there would be much less waste in our landfills and less impact on the earth. The other benefit is actually of a financial nature. When you throw away the power source you have to keep going back to buy one. However, if it is rechargeable you can just keep charging it back up again and reusing. This meant less cost for the individual as they didn’t need to keep buying new ones and can actually use the old one over and over again for better financial gain.
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