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Where do I start in order to find a pulse oximeter?

The process to find the perfect pulse oximeter device can be a bit confusing and difficult however with my advice you will not only be able to pinpoint exactly which oximeter device you need but also where you can purchase one. The first thing to take into consideration is the fact that the pulse oximeter that you in the end decide to purchase must be FDA approved. The reason why this is important is because there are many oximeter models out in the market that are not FDA approved. They may be offering an amazing price that definitely makes the device very attractive to purchase, however the reason for that suspiciously low price is the fact that they are not regulatory approved. So the very first step is to ensure that it is approved. The second is to determine what type and style of oximeter device you need. The way you determine this is quite simple. First determine for whom you desire to purchase the oximeter. Will this be used by an adult or by a pediatric or child. Once you decide this then you know that you are looking for a specific design that either is made for fit for adults or for children. The reason why this is important is because the oximeter devices are built differently for different ages. Children obviously are smaller in anatomical features such as their fingers and as such by using an adult oximeter will not provide accurate readings. As such the child will need a pediatric oximeter that has been specially manufactured in order to take into consideration the child

The other thing to take into consideration is whether you desire a color screen or a regular screen. The reason why this is an important consideration because it has effects on two factors: cost and user friendliness. The color screen varieties of oximeters provide the ability to easily read the readings of the device in any light situation. So in essence, whether its dark or light or even if the sun is hitting at the wrong angle.

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