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Pulse oximeter used by athletes to keep track of their oxygen levels
Athletes find that they need to keep track of their vital signs when they are working out. The reason why is that athletes use their pulse rate and oxygen levels to measure their improvement in performance. It is long since known that those with a lower resting pulse rate are healthier and many times you will find those that are very active in sports have such a heart rate. There was also a need for a medical and health device that could provide such capabilities to them to measure these signs. The answer to this need actually came by way of a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a very common health and medical device that provides complete functionality for vital sign monitoring at only the fraction of the size of any other current system in the hospital setting. The process by which the sports enthusiast uses the product is very simple. Essentially the individual places their finger inside the pulse oximeter and then within seconds there is generated a reading of their pulse rate and oxygen saturation. In fact, the oxygen saturation refers to blood oxygen saturation which is the percentage of oxygen in the hemoglobin. When the person is working out their amount of oxygen in their system varies quite a bit and it is a good indicator of whether they are actually getting enough in their system. This is important because oxygen is one of the most import elements to sustain life and the lack thereof will have some serious health effects on the human body. Being small and portable also allows them to easily take the device with them wherever they desire to go and whenever they want they just simply take it out and measure themselves to ensure that they are functioning at optimal levels.
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