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Pulse oximeter helps to lose weight

Weight and obesity is one of the major health issues and problems facing our country today. With the advent of a huge portion of the population that is obese and overweight it has risen to a state of national emergency to get the health of our nation in control. The obesity rates are even particularly high among children as well. A device now exists that can help with battling this problem of obesity and weight. A pulse oximeter is a health device that is used to measure pulse rate as well as blood oxygen saturation. So how does this device help in losing weight you ask? It is essentially a portable vital sign monitoring device that can give the individual who is exercising an instant glance to their health at any given point. So for example, lets say that you are obese and that you have decided and are determined to lose weight. You come up with a exercise regiment that requires you to jog outdoors three times a week. Well as a part of the exercise regiment you have been told to monitor your pulse rate and oxygen levels in order to see how you are improving and whether your body

The oximeter device in actual size was is only a fraction of the size of a typical cell phone. Thus as you can see it can be taken anywhere the individual wants to go. There are also more advanced models that actually will provide data storage capability that will record your health figures over a period of time and will allow you to judge your improving performance. These oximeter devices are known as the wrist pulse oximeters. The wrist pulse oximeter is particularly useful in that they are not only portable but they attach to the wrist via a Velcro attachment and thus you can go jogging or engage in any other physical activity with it without the fear of dropping or damaging the device. Once the device is attached to you then you begin to exercise. As you exercise the device will continuously record your heart beat, blood oxygen levels as well as the strength of your heart beat. All this data is imported and recorded on the memory card of the device. Once you have exercised for a period of time then you may desire to look at your progress. You simply plug in the device into a computer and within seconds you have complete charts and graphs that outline your health figures and show you how you are improving and getting closer to reaching your goal of losing weight and living a healthier lifestyle.

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