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Pulse oximeter technology used by military medical personnel for health monitoring in the field
Military medical personnel truly are always in need of medical devices that provide accurate results while at the same time being extremely portable. During medical situations that come about in the military the medical personnel have always been in need of a device that would measure the pulse rate and oxygen levels of patients but also that is portable so that it can be taken into the field of battle. The reason for this is the fact that these military medical personnel need to quickly respond to emergency medical situations wherever the battle is taking place. As such, there will not be any electric outlet source in order to power the medical devices and as such portability of these devices is very important. One such oximeter device that truly helps military medical personnel is a pulse oximeter. The device is actually made specifically to be truly portable and able to be taken anywhere the individual desires to go into the field. So if the personnel need to quickly respond to an emergency in the field they can take the device with them easily. The pulse oximeter is a fraction of the size of the old oximeter devices that were typically found in the hospitals. It is powered by a pair of triple a batteries and as such it is not only lightweight but also highly mobile. The other great aspect of this device is the speed at which it actually takes measurement. After the finger is inserted in the device it really only takes a few seconds before the device gets a reading of the pulse rate and oxygen levels. Our military serves a very important role and function in our nation. It is extremely important that these individuals have the very best technology at their hands and disposal in order to implement when they are operating in the field. They really have no idea where they will be and under what circumstances or situations they will be. Thus, they have always been in need of a product that they can trust to utilize in the field that will not let them down and will allow them to serve their duties effectively and efficiently. Portability was always a problem for these individuals. Some of the very best medical devices and equipment always were tied down to the hospital and clinical settings and thus were not portable at all. If you needed to go somewhere in order to treat a patient or have the vital signs of a person monitored then you actually couldn’t and had to bring them back to the hospital in order to monitor their vital signs. But this all change when new chip technology was created that actually allowed for easy portability of these oximeter devices. So now, the military personnel have no more concern regarding the fact that they will not be able to take their vital sign monitoring medical devices out into the field because they are practically not portable. This proves to be very key in the medical decision making process of these individuals and their ability to not only serve their duties effectively but to also serve their country.
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