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Pulse Oximeter device that fits inside your pocket

It is truly unique and revolutionary to finally sees a pulse oximeter device that is small enough to fit inside your pocket. Just to put things in perspective, pulse oximeters have been around for decades. They are those devices that you see in the hospital that are connected to the individual patient via their index finger. Well what is quite interesting about that is that the old pulse oximeters were solely made for and only available in the hospital setting. They were first of all very big and immobile. Further, they were very expensive and could only be purchased by the hospital that has the budget for such high expenditures. Well it wasn

Blood oxygen saturation is denoted as the percentage of oxygen in the blood. For many individuals with varying health problems and medical conditions the monitoring of their blood oxygen saturation is extremely important in order to keep optimal health. There never really was a device that you could easily transport that would be able to monitor your heart rate as well as the SpO2 levels. The only device at that time was the same oximeter machines that you would find in the hospital setting. But now with the new generations of the devices there is no longer the necessity to be confined to a hospital bed and utilize such an expensive and heavy oximeter device. The new portable devices are just as accurate and allow the individual to take them wherever they desire to go. For example, lets say that you were inflicted with asthma since you were born. Well the problem with asthma is that it will strike whenever you are not getting sufficient oxygen and can actually strike during very simple physical activity. It is important to monitor the oxygen levels during physical activity in order to determine the oxygen level and see if it is necessary to take a break or even to get supplemental oxygen in order to prevent an asthma attack. This has truly put the power of health monitoring in the hands of the consumer. They can monitor their health wherever they go and don

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