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Hypoxia is a very common condition with mountain climbers and pilots experience. Essentially what hypoxia is that at certain altitudes the body doesn

A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that is utilized by many to measure pulse rate as well as SpO2 levels. The device is specially made to operate effectively and accurately at high altitudes and to produce the SpO2 readings quickly and accurately. The device utilizes an infrared light that goes through the human tissue and comes back with an actual number which represents your blood oxygen saturation levels. The use of this device is extremely helpful and useful for those individuals that need to constantly monitor their blood oxygen saturation levels while at high altitudes and on the go. You simply place your finger inside the pulse oximeter and within seconds you get an accurate reading of your levels. The oximeter typically comes with batteries that can provide continuous blood oxygen saturation monitoring which is especially important to these individuals operating at such high altitudes. In addition, the other function of a pulse oximeter is that it also measures pulse rate. The pulse rate is very important to monitor as well due to the fact that it is one of the most important vital signs in the human physiology. The pulse rate is able to tell you a lot about how healthy your body is right now and whether it is functioning at optimum levels or that maybe there may be a health concern. The device quickly measures the pulse rate and produces a number for your review in order to determine your healthy levels. Should your oxygen saturation levels or pulse rate fall below a specific level the oximeter device will sound an alarm that will allow you quickly assess and alleviate the health concern.

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