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Pulse oximeter measures the pulse rate and the oxygen saturation
 Pulse oximeter devices have been around for a very long time. Actually its been over four decades since the first devices were manufactured for the hospital setting. However, what you may have seen over forty years ago in the hospital settings is definitely not what you see today. There is has been an complete transformation that has totally changed the entire landscape of the medical device market. The old systems were very large and bulky and could not be easily moved. They tended to be appointed to one patient room and offered such functions as measuring pulse rate and oxygen saturation. This is in fact something that is common to all pulse oximeter devices in which they all measure accurately the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation. Then through generations of technological advancement in the pulse oximeter devices they became significantly more portable and mobile. Today‚Äôs devices are so small that you can actually just simply place them in your pocket. They allow you to easily go wherever you desire to go while still at the same time having easy access to measuring your vital signs. Some of the individuals that have been particularly benefited by this device are actually those with cardiac conditions. This allows them to without worry be on the move and whenever that they seem it appropriate they can take their pulse rate in order to monitor their heart. Should their levels be at an abnormal reading then an alarm will sound alerting them to take further steps to remediate the situation. The most beneficial aspect of the device is actually that it offers a continuous reading of the pulse rate and the oxygen saturation. This means that you can just leave it on your finger and it will work continuously to give you real-time readings.
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