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Pulse oximeter devices used by nurses

Nurses have always desired a pulse oximeter device that would give them the ability to move fromm one patient room to another seamlessly without any wires. The pulse oximeter devices that nurse have been accustomed to are the large, bulky devices that were primarily made and specifically manufactured for the hospital and clinical settings. These devices were not mobile and had to stay in one patient room. As such, health care professionals especially nurses could not easily move from one room to another in order to take the vital signs of patients. What a pulse oximeter actually does is quite important in the hospital and health care field. An oximeter device is responsible for measuring pulse rate as well as blood oxygen saturation. By simply inserting your finger inside an oximeter the device will instantaneously give you a reading of pulse rate as well as blood oxygen saturation. Once the health care professional sees these readings he or she is able to assess the level of health the patient has. Although extremely important to patient vital sign monitoring these devices were quite immobile. The nurse could not take it easily from one room to another. And many times the nurse would have to respond in an emergency situation in a room that may not have an oximeter. As such the new generation of devices are not only mobile and portable but they offer the exact same accuracy and reliability as the previous generations of oximeter devices.

The new generation of devices are equipped with new chip technology that truly makes them portable. So the device that was typically the size of a microwave oven is not only a fraction of the size of a cell phone. Nurses now can simply have their oximeter device around their neck via a lanyard and be able to seamlessly go from one patient room to another and get the measurements of patients. This truly has put the power of vital sign monitoring in the hands of the health care professional. Some common health conditions that the device is used for by nurses is asthma and COPD. Those individuals with COPD are also known as having chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder which in essence is a lung condition. It is thus extremely important for these individuals to monitor their oxygen levels at all times so that they are confident that their body is receiving enough oxygen. Nurses utilize the oximeter device precisely for this. As a patient is admitted say for example due to a breathing problem and lack of oxygen due to COPD, the nurse will be able to quickly respond by using the oximeter device on the patient. The device will give the nurse instant readings of pulse rate and oxygen saturation whereby at that point the nurse can determine if this specific patient is fine or in need of supplemental oxygen. The ability to quickly respond in health care situations without the entanglements of wires is of critical importance to nurses and their ability to treat patients.

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