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Pulse oximeter chosen as preferred medical device in Germany
Germany has always been recognized as a country that puts a high value on technology and in particular health and medical device technology. For years there was a true lack of a medical device that would be able to provide readings of pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation while at the same time being portable. Such a oximeter device is a pulse oximeter and is now available in Germany. There have always been previous generations of pulse oximeter products in Germany as hospitals almost certainly had these. However, those devices were quite large and bulky and were definitely not portable and not able to be taken anywhere the individuals wanted to go. Then there came several inventions and advancements in chip technology that essentially opened the door to new and portable pulse oximeter devices. With the new advancement in chip technology the pulse oximeter market truly changed in Germany. No longer were the individuals in that country who where in need of vital sign monitoring stuck to their immobile and antedated oximeter devices. They could now use this new generation of devices that were completely portable in order to monitor their health. One of the most common health conditions in Germany is actually asthma. With the use of this device asthma can finally be monitored wherever the individual desires to go. They simply take their pulse oximeter device with them and monitor their oxygen levels to ensure that they are getting enough oxygen and thus prevent an asthma attack or other ill health effects. Germany has always been a country that has exemplified the importance and attention to technological advancement. This is particularly evident in Germany’s dedication to the advancement of medical device equipment and supplies. Some of the first medical device products were actually first invented and manufactured in that country and then it reached the other parts of the world. Thus for this country to actually choose a medical device says a lot and thus they have been having a lot of success with its use. The actual practical uses of the device are quite varied in the country and they range from anything from hospitals, clinics, to military. What particularly they like is the fact that the device is portable in nature. This was always the issue with these brand of products because they were never portable. However, now the device is so small and wireless that it can be taken anywhere. It seems that technology is moving at an incredible pace and the one’s that actually benefit of the patients and users. In the past individuals with health conditions requiring constant monitoring had to resort to having to constantly be in the hospital or at their doctor’s office. However, since new technology allows for building of smaller chips the devices thus have become smaller. But they still have just as much accuracy and practicability as the other devices. So in the end the technology has advanced and those who really need the technology most like patients and those with various illnesses have greatly benefited from this advancement.
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