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How to choose the right pulse oximeter

Choosing the right pulse oximeter can truly mean the difference between proper health monitoring and improper health monitoring. There are many different types of pulse oximeters on the market. The best way to explain how to choose the right oximeter device is to break the entire market down for you. Essentially, there are three categories of oximeter devices. One category is what we call the adult finger pulse oximeter category. These devices are especially made for individuals who are of adult age and size. The reason why the size comes into play has to mainly do with the way that the device works. Essentially, the device is made to measure pulse rate as well as blood oxygen saturation which is also referred to as SpO2. The individual simply places their finger inside the oximeter and within seconds a reading instantly appears of the individuals pulse rate as well as SpO2. Because you have to place your finger inside the device in order for it to get a reading, the size of the your finger is very important in that if your finger is too small for the device then there won

In addition to the pediatric models there also exist neonatal varieties. These are specifically for those new-born babies that are in need of vital sign monitoring. The last category that exists is the hand held pulse oximeter category. These devices have the same amount of portability as the other varieties of devices, but they also provide much more advanced functions. One advanced function in particular is that the device provides data storage capabilities that can store patient data up to 72 hours straight. This is very significant because lets say that you were suffering from sleep apnea. Well, it is very important in sleep apnea to monitor your oxygen levels and pulse rate throughout the entire cycle of your sleep which begins when you go to sleep and ends when you wake up. By using a hand held you can continuously record your vital sign information directly onto the device and later extract the data onto your computer for analysis.

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