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Pulse oximeter teachers in the classroom to monitor children

A pulse oximeter is a medical device that measures the pulse rate as well as the blood oxygen saturation of an individual The device is only a fraction of the size of a typical cell phone and thus it is extremely portable. It also is very accurate and instantly gives a reading of the oxygen saturation as well as pulse rate within seconds. The device was first introduced to teachers many years ago as a trial whereby the teachers were to have it in case a particular student with a special health condition required the monitoring of their health. However, now because of the affordability and the accuracy of these devices it is much more common for teachers to have such devices in order to monitor the health of their students. So going back to the playground and the child with asthma situation, if a teacher knows of a student that has asthma and it is recess time, then the teacher can easily carry a pulse oximeter with them and measure the child

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