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Physicians choose pulse oximeter technology as their premiere choice in vital sign monitoring

Physicians serve an extremely important function in our society. The health of the citizens of our country rests in the hands of these very well trained individuals. One of the issues that physicians have always faced in the past is the fact that they have never been able to utilize a pulse oximeter device while on the go. You may be asking what exactly is a pulse oximeter and how does it relate to a physician. Well, if you have ever been in a hospital and actually were on a hospital bed. Well if you have then chances are that while you were on that hospital bed there was a large device right next to you that resembled something like a computer or even a small microwave. That device would have had a wire that would connect to your index finger that would then in turn measure two of the most basic and important functions that an oximeter machine measures which is pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation (SpO2). These old generations of oximeter devices were very large and definitely not portable. Physicians were not able to move seamlessly from room to room without the need of wires or even of a large and heavy machine. Well with the advent of new chip technology the modern device has been reduced to the size of a fraction of the size of a cell phone while still retaining the accuracy and capability of the old generation of devices.

The way a pulse oximeter device works is quite simple yet very complicated in other regards. The device utilizes an infrared light that travels through the tissue of individuals. The individual

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