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A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is primarily utilized in the hospital setting which serves several important functions. First of all, it provides a vital sign monitoring function of measuring the persons SpO2. SpO2 is commonly known as blood oxygen saturation which is the percentage of oxygen in the hemoglobin. Pulse oximeters have been historically utilized by medical syndicates including hospitals and emergency medical personnel. Newly created oximeters have been created which consist of the same functionality and accuracy as previous generations of oximeter but they now provide the option of portability. Portability was the most common side effect of previous generations of oximeter as the previous machines were large and could not be easily transported. Now, through the latest technology the newest oximeters are small and extremely lightweight. What this has done is that patient are not required to visit their doctor or hospital everyday to measure their pulse rate and oxygen saturation. On the other hand they can utilize the latest in oximeter technology that is small and lightweight that can be transported by them wherever they desire to go.

The other important function that a pulse oximeter services is that it measures the pulse rate and perfusion index. The pulse rate varies by the palpitation of the heartbeat and the increase and decrease of blood-flow in the human body. The pulse oximeter measures this change in the increase and decrease in blood-flow to give you a pulse rate number. A more advanced feature is perfusion index which measures the strength of the heart beat. This function is very important in many individuals with various physical conditions require not only measuring the Spo2 levels but also the perfusion index. Devices such as these have been integral in giving patients the power of mobility and ability to monitor their health while at home. The patient can measure their vital signs and subsequently after reading their results sharing those results with their physician for further professional diagnosis. In essence, these devices are a way of individuals monitoring themselves and if they notice an abnormal reading then they can quickly call their physician or any other healthcare professional to diagnose and further recommend solutions. Physicians are also great fans of oximeters as they by nature of their professional are always on the go. Especially if a physician works in a hospital as they are required to go from patient room to patient room in order to assess the patients and make medical recommendations. By using a fingertip pulse oximeter the can move easily from one patient room to another without ever having to deal with wires or the non-portability of a typical pulse oximeter machine. Previously hospitals had to carry multiple oximeters in order to have then in each and every patient room. However, with the advent of new portable oximeter technology hospitals can invest in portable oximeters that will allow physicians and other healthcare professionals including nurses and operating room personnel to move from one room to another easily.

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