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Pulse Oximeter utilizes digital color LED screen

LED screens are quite revolutionary in the field of screen technology. The term LED stands for light emitting diodide. This technology is what is responsible for the brilliant color resolution and screen quality that you see in so many new television systems. This new technology has definitely made its presence well known in the field of television and entertainment. However, it use and application in the field of medical and science disciplines had not been utilized till now. One of the first medical devices to utilize this new LED color screen technology is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that is quite useful and essential to so many individuals with varying health conditions and concerns. However, the device can also be utilized just for monitoring one

The new generation of pulse oximeter devices now utilize the newest in LED color screen technology. This advancement has some truly beneficial effects on those individuals who use oximeter devices. What it has done is that it has made it significantly easier to read the device. When an individual places their finger inside the device the computer within the oximeter is able to calculate the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation and then gives out an output of the results. That output was always displayed on an analog screen technology that was in essence just black font. The problem with that was that a lot of times it was extremely hard to read in different lighting situations. However, what the new LED technology has done is that it makes it significantly easier to read the oximeter device in any lighting situation. So whether you are in the sun at the wrong angle which prevents you from seeing the oximeter screen easily or if you are in the dark area, because the device utilizes the latest in LED color screen technology you are able to easily see and read your reading from the device. The amazing part is that this LED color screen is only a one square inch surface. However, it still possesses the brilliance and clarity of any LED television screen. As oximeter devices are portable in nature that means that they utilize batteries. The LED color screen is an extremely power saving feature in that it does not use as much battery power as other screen technologies. This in turn allows for longer periods of use of the device without having to change or recharge the batteries.

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