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What is the power source of a Pulse Oximeter?

Pulse oximeter technology has truly been a work in progress for decades. A pulse oximeter is a medical and health device that is used to measure pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation with accuracy and ease. The way that they work is that the individual places their finger inside the device and within seconds the device will compute their pulse rate, blood oxygen saturation as well as other features including pulse strength. These devices were for the longest time only limited to the hospital and clinical settings. If you have ever been to a hospital you will have seen and most likely been hooked up to a pulse oximeter. It would have been that device that was approximately the size of a microwave oven and would connect to your finger via a wire. Well that technology has been literally transformed to a small, portable device that is only the size of a small cell phone. This has been due to the advent of new chip technology that allows for the ability to build significantly smaller oximeter devices while at the same time with the same level of accuracy and quality as the antedated old technology that was always found the hospital.

Because these oximeter devices were always used in the hospital setting they were confined to be hooked up to the an electrical outlet source in the wall. However, since the advent of the new technology and the devices have been transformed to wireless and portable devices the power source has changed from electrical outlet to battery powered. The battery power is what allows the individual to take an oximeter wherever they decide to go. Say for example you have asthma and that you desire to go on vacation. Well based on your past experiences with dealing with asthma it has always been difficult to be away from your comfort zone at home and to engage in physical activity as this may cause you to experience an asthma attack. By allowing a pulse oximeter to utilize battery power this enables the individual to take their device wherever they decide to go. So that individual who suffers from asthma is able to take their device with them so that they can monitor their asthma and make sure that they are getting enough oxygen in order to prevent an asthma attack. Now there are two options when it comes to battery source of power for oximeters. One option is the highly cost effective disposable batteries. These disposable batteries offer not only fantastic cost advantage but also they do last a very long time and are easily replaceable. The other option is to utilize rechargeable batteries that are able to be recharged. These batteries although a bit more expensive up front, they in turn provide the ability to recharge the batteries without having to dispose them and they are also more environmentally friendly than disposable batteries as they create less waste. Therefore, depending on the use that you will be using and to what extent and the frequency you will be using will effect your decision as to which battery power to use.

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