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Nintendo and its use of pulse oximeter technology
 Being the pioneer in gaming systems means that you are truly ahead of the game when it comes to bringing out new gaming technology. Nintendo has been the leader in the gaming world for decades and today has the highest selling gaming system in the entire world – Wii. The interesting this is that Nintendo is now in development to bring out a new controller for their Wii system that incorporates a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a technology that measures the pulse rate and the oxygen levels of an individual. You may be asking well how does this even relate to a game system? Well, what the company is thinking about doing is essentially to incorporate the new technology into the fitness games that they distribute. So when you are doing the sports games including yoga or any other health platform then the new product is able to measure your vital signs as you exercise. This is very useful because the ability to measure the vital signs during exercise not only allows for a good way of gauging your health but it also prevents you from overextending and otherwise hurting yourself. A lot of times individuals do not pay attention to the fact that they may be pushing their bodies too far or even beyond normal levels when they are exercising with these games. Thus the pulse oximeter can simply hook up to the person’s finger and measure the vitals of that person on a continuous basis. The reason why it is important that it measure it on a continuous basis is because you want to have your measurements throughout your entire exercise experience so that you can closely keep an eye on your levels to make sure that they are within healthy parameters. It is very exciting to see how this new technology is incorporated into the system.
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