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Medical devices to monitor baby health
As a parent there is nothing as important as monitoring the health of your baby. Infants are may times born with various health conditions that require close monitoring and attention by the parents. Some of the most common health conditions are asthma and congenital heart disease. Physicians have as of recent begun to recommend the use of pulse oximeter technology by parents to monitor their children in the home setting. A pulse oximeter is a health and medical device that is used by millions of individuals throughout the world to monitor their pulse rate and oxygen levels. The most beneficial aspect of the product is the fact that it provides portable monitoring whereby individuals can take it with them wherever they go and have the power to measure their pulse rate and oxygen levels quickly and accurately. When it comes to parents of babies with health conditions there is truly not other medical device that is as useful as a pulse oximeter. The parents simply the finger of their child and place it inside the device. Within seconds they will get a reading of the vital signs of the child. With the way that it is manufactured the pulse oximeter can either be used as an on-spot check or to actually be left on the finger to provide continuous and long-term usage. But in the end, the most important aspect and most helpful is the fact that it is completely portable. So as parents you do not have to stay stationary because of your child’s health concerns. You can actually be on the move and the go while still having the ability to check your baby’s vitals within a few seconds. Through years of development and progression has the technology been able to be created in order to provide the ability to monitor infants and babies. The important aspect is that because the product connects to the finger of the baby it is very important that there be a very snug fit to enable accurate readings. As a result of the small anatomical size of a child’s finger manufacturers have custom built the pediatric models to be able to fit baby’s digits easily. This in turn will produce results that are far more accurate than if an adult variety was used. There are even varieties for new-born or neo-natals as their sizes are even smaller than typical children and as a result they require further specially designed products.
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