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Living with asthma and how to cope with it
To live with asthma is to truly always be concerned about whether you are getting enough oxygen and to avoid having an asthma attack. What asthma essentially is that it’s a very complicated and tough health condition to live with. It affects a wide range of individuals and thus there is no specific health segment of the population that particularly is prone to this condition. Some diseases and health conditions seem to only affect a certain segment of the overall population. However, asthma seems to really not discriminate in this regard and can affect anyone at any age. One of the toughest cases is actually in the case of pediatrics and children. It is very tough for these individuals because children on the average love to live a very active and vibrant life. They love to go out with their friends and play sports or even go biking with their loved ones. However, it is very difficult to tell this child that he will have to cut back on these activities because they may risk not getting enough oxygen into their lungs and system and thus risk an asthma attack. That is essentially what happens in the case of these individuals with these health conditions. When they do not get enough oxygen they run the risk of experiencing other very serious health complications that may occur when there is a lack of oxygen. This actually may lead to much more serious health conditions as oxygen is the most important and basic element to life. Without oxygen one would not live and with enough oxygen we would live but could be harming our bodies and thus it is of the utmost importance that enough good oxygen is being taken in by the body. The parents of these children are always concerned for their health because they always fear that their child may actually not get enough air and thus may actually hurt themselves severely. Some parents have actually resorted to utilizing portable oxygen monitoring technology such as a pulse oximeter in order their children. The device is very small and actually is a fraction of the size of a pager and thus can be taken anywhere with the individual. It is very small and portable and work on a pair of batteries so no more worries that it has to be plugged into the wall in order to get its power source. Parents easily purchase these devices and they are quite affordable. That has always been the problem with medical devices is that they have been very expensive and out of the reach of typical patients and caregivers. But as technology progresses and the components for these devices get cheaper and cheaper the end user which typically is the consumer can rest assured that they will have the latest products at the best prices. So in the case of the parent with the child with asthma they can purchase a very affordable pulse oximeter to monitor their child’s condition and to ensure that they healthy.
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