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I am lying down and getting an faulty reading from my pulse oximeter
 One of the most common complaints that come about is the fact that a person is lying down on their bed and have placed their finger inside pulse oximeter and they tend to get faulty readings. The reason for this is the fact that when you are lying down your hand is held upward and thus the blood due to gravity is actually moving away from your finger. If you keep your hand like that long enough you will actually start to feel that your hand has gone to sleep. Because of this lack of blood in the region the oxygen saturation that is typically measure by way of the pulse oximeter can not be properly measured. Now you may be asking how in particular does the device measure the pulse rate and the blood oxygen saturation that it is so easily effected by holding your arm the wrong way. The way the product works is actually that once you place your finger inside it there is an automatic function that begins to quickly measure your pulse rate and SpO2 levels. It does this by shooting a non-invasive beam of light through our finger which reflects of the hemoglobin and comes back to the central computer of the device for computation of the outputs. The outputs are the readings that individuals with various health conditions actually depend on for their wellness and health monitoring. So it is good practice to actually keep your hand and arm horizontal with the ground so as to get a good distribution of blood to that particular part of your body. Once you do this you will see that your readings will be back at normal levels and you will be able to assess your health more accurately. It is not a big issue but it is just a very common issue that has a very easy fix.
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