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I am just not getting a normal reading with my pulse oximeter
Have you ever purchased a pulse oximeter and then start to use it only to find out that you are getting really abnormal readings? Well you are not alone so do not worry about this as it is very common. There are so many different factors that actually come into play when determining why is it that your readings are abnormal. I will be sharing with you some of the most common occurrences that may be giving you these false readings. One of the most common is actually the use of nail polish that may have a profound effect on the actual accuracy of the pulse oximeter. The infrared light that passes through the finger when it is placed inside the device seems to not work properly when there is nail polish present. The reason for this is that the light can not pass through the finger properly and thus the internal computer is not able to process the readings properly and you get unusual vital signs. The other issue that is quite common among individuals is the fact that the way that you hold the pulse oximeter when your finger is inside of it is very important to the reading. If you hold your arm vertically in the air and your index finger is held straight upward essentially pointing to the sky then you will have issues. The reason for this is that when you hold your finger upward to the sky the blood does not get to that portion of your body properly and as such the pulse oximeter can not process the results in an accurate manner. The thing that is suggested is that you have your hand on a horizontal plane whereby then you can use the product. You will suddenly notice a change in the results and in fact this is the practice that should be followed by everyone.
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