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How to properly maintain your pulse oximeter in the home setting
Buying your pulse oximeter is the first step of enjoying vital sign monitoring in the home setting. However, one of the most important aspects after you buy your device is to actually maintain it properly so that it will last you a long time. The most important aspect of proper maintenance of the device is to make sure that the batteries are changed frequently. What many individuals do is that they may use the same battery for a very long time and this may actually lead to the battery leaking and thus damaging the pulse oximeter device. The choice between rechargeable batteries and disposable varieties is really up to the consumer. The reason why you would choose the rechargeable ones is because they are more environmentally friendly and in the long run they cost less. This is because you do not have to keep buying disposable varieties when they run out. The other important point of pulse oximeter maintenance is to prevent the device from getting wet. The pulse oximeter device is essentially very small computer system that is very technologically advanced. If water is applies to the device then what may happened is that the microchips may experience a short circuit and burn the device computer. One of the best ways to prevent this is to use a lanyard that will wrap around either the wrist or the neck. When you utilize the lanyard then you do not need to worry about the product falling in water or getting wet. The other great thing that you can do is to utilize a carrying case that is made to be water-resistant. Carrying cases are not only convenient from going one place to another but they also provide a very convenient method of protecting your medical product form damage from water.
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