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How does the Obama insurance plan help those in need of a pulse oximeter?
Presiden’t Obama has truly been very active in the arena of improving the health care and insurance coverage of those individuals that are truly in need of health care. One of the major downfalls of our health care system is the fact that those individuals that may be out of work or actually do not have jobs many times can not afford the medical devices and equipment that they desperately need in order to survive. It is quite sad because these devices are very expensive and in fact the average individual is not able to afford them for themselves in order to monitor their health. Well, with the new advent of Obama’s legislation the health care industry is really under a great deal of change that will affect the ability of individual’s to purchase their medical devices without having to incur sever financial hardship. One of the medical devices that can now be provided very easily to individuals is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that many individuals really depend on in order to ensure that they maintain their optimal health. The device is made specifically to measure blood oxygen saturation or in other words the percentage of oxygen in blood and also pulse rate. Now if you are a healthy individual you may think that these features are not very important, however, you have to consider that many Americans are actually in desperate need of such a device that will allow them to monitor themselves while they are at home in order to keep their health condition or ailment under control. The device is now significantly more affordable and able to be purchased by a wide ranging financial demographic. This is great news as the price of these medical devices is no longer a hinderance to the health and care of the individuals with health conditions in our society.
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