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How does a pulse oximeter help the elderly
 The elderly have many different health conditions that require them to monitor their health while they are at home. One of the most common health products used by them is a pulse oximeter. A pulse oximeter is a medical device that is specifically manufactured to measure the pulse rate and oxygen levels of individuals in the home setting with accuracy and ease. Essentially what the elderly do is that they place their finger inside the device and then within seconds they get a complete reading of their pulse and oxygen. The reason why they particularly like the product is because it is completely portable and can be taken wherever the person desires to go. In addition to that, the elderly can take comfort in the fact that the device is very inexpensive. The very best models in the entire market can actually be found and bought for less than $100. One of the most common health conditions that affects the elder population is copd. Copd is known in the medical term as chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder which in essence is a respiratory condition that inhibits the proper amount of oxygen from being taken in by the lungs. One of the best ways to keep it under control is to closely monitor the oxygen levels to ensure that their SpO2 levels are at the right levels. SpO2 is also known as blood oxygen saturation and it is essentially what individuals living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder need to keep track of in order to keep their condition under control. The future market seems to look to produce more pulse oximeter devices that actually can perform many more functions in addition to just the basic measurement of the pulse rate and the oxygen levels in order to provide a more complete product for helping the older generations.
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