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Hospitals adopt new portable pulse oximeter technology
Hospitals have long been the main users of the standard pulse oximeter technology that you have seen before. If you have ever stayed at a hospital you would have noticed that the first thing that they do is hook up a device to your finger afterwards which shows your pulse rate and oxygen levels on a computer screen the size of a monitor. This is truly the leading medical device that is used to measure the vital signs of individuals and without it there really would not be a completely accurate way of measuring the signs. But these devices are very large and bulky and they could not be taken easily from one patient room to another. So essentially you had to have one pulse oximeter for each and every patient room. Then there came quite a bit of technological advancement that totally changed the market and created a whole new line of medical devices that were portable. Portability in pulse oximeter devices has only been around for approximately ten years. However, even in those short ten years there has been quite a bit of advancement which has made the product small enough that it can actually fit inside your pocket. The benefit that this has for the hospitals is the fact that they can equip their physicians and other health care professionals with these portable devices and as such allow them to move seamlessly from one patient room to another without worrying about wires or cables. Although the actual size has in fact changed and has become smaller there has not been any change however in the actually effectiveness and functionality of the product. You can still get your accurate readings of pulse rate and oxygen saturation with the pulse oximeter while on the go for vital sign monitoring.
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